Silent Graves

by Hollow Earth

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released 11 November 2014



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Track Name: World To Come
Held captive by cages and chains,
the presence of death looming over me.

Crimson pools reflect gruesome scars and open wounds
inflicted with no regard for life
and the darkness in the hearts of men
who proudly brandish blades
still warm with blood from execution.

Tortured and isolated,
trapped within this hell,
a prison of atrophy.
I'm left to die weak and diseased.

I stare into merciless eyes
wondering who will deliver the final fatal blow
that spills my blood and ends this nightmare.

Filled with terror,
paralyzed by fear,
wrought with panic
in knowing there's no escape for me.

A captive bolt to seal my fate.

Lead to my slaughter,
by narrow concrete walls.
Shackled and hoisted,
bled out and eviscerated
to the death and I succumb.

I hope you're boiled alive and no one hears your cries.
I hope your throat is slit so you can't scream in agony.
I hope your family is torn away from you
and you're left to live the rest of your days
waiting for your life to end.
I hope you fucking suffer.
Track Name: Swallowing Knives
Just above the water's surface
the looming fog is menacing.
Still as glass the grays wash out all signs of life
and consciousness lies asleep
somewhere in the sands of time.
Walking blindly through this patterned life,
a voice without words to speak.

Paved pathways leading right back to the start
and no concept of a life once lived in hope.

Eating crow and swallowing knives,
shoveling shit just to stay alive.
Feigning interest in anything
in lieu of these half-lives we lead.

Nothing is holy.
Nothing is sacred.
Nothing beyond the sky.
Nothing awaits us but a hole in the earth.
Dirt won't save your soul.

I want to bathe in the light
instead I'm swallowing knives
and walking blindly through this patterned life.
And I'm left with a voice without the words to speak.

Nothing is sacred.
Nothing beyond the sky.