The Dissolution

from by Hollow Earth

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Staring blindly into the void, entrenched in this fucking emptiness. I feel my flame, flickering and fading as the light within myself grows dimmer with each passing breath and the life inside me slowly dies. Complete corrosion, degeneration, disintegration. Expiration of mind, body, and soul. This vessel will be quelled and reclaimed as I dissolve into nihility for all eternity never to remain again. The call of the great beyond, ever present hymns of death and creation timelessly echoing across the infinite expanse, resonating fear, despair, grief, and ruin. But within lamentations I resolve to embrace the inevitable. Though my body shudders at the thought of losing the present, your siren song gives presence to all that I will leave behind. Born from ashes, return to dust I give myself back to the earth. Silent graves for lesser deaths, towering headstones for affluent lives and I'm left to wonder where my corpse will lie. Among exalted martyrs or among the damned and the shamed. Death will be my guide. Ascension to the afterlife or descent into nothingness? Will unknown pleasures or unfathomed pains await us all after surrendering to the dominion of the grave? I accept my fate as my final breath closes in and the world around me continues on. Mortality reigns as I succumb to the inevitability of my demise. I dissolve, I disintegrate, I fade away. Born from ashes, return to dust I give myself back to the earth.


from Silent Graves, released November 11, 2014



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Hollow Earth Detroit, Michigan

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