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Track Name: The Great Forgetting
Behold the rise of man supreme. Discard the ashes of prehistory. We are the climax of all creation, born to fulfill our destiny. Blessed purveyors of a single culture ruthlessly marching to the beat of a drum. The culmination, the sole exemption; as masters we'll reign at the helm of the world.
Track Name: On the Bounty of the Gods
Progressive destruction. Human endeavors to maintain control. Relentless expansion. God given rite to beseech the role as wielders of power. We are the tillers of this soil. Cast in stone and iron our weapons are forged with guilty hands. At war with the world. Eradication of all obstacles with total disregard for life. We'll beset the living world. In the name of salvation, we accept a life of toil. We'll beset the living world. For the world belongs to man and we were destined to conquer and rule. Mental illness, crime, poverty and rape, depression and madness, insanity; mere hindrances of a superior culture, a small price to pay for the advancement and progress of humanity. Sing salvation on mountains high. Rejoice in glory, be guided by light. Sing salvation on mountains high. Rejoice in the glory, be guided by light. Grasping tight to ideas of reaching paradise. We'll hope and pray for rest in the hereafter.
Track Name: Unfamiliar Cage
Bestowed knowledge upon conception. Kings and queens of inherited crowns with a birthright to possess all that is seen. Gaze upon our kingdoms of foolishly coveted land. And with arrogance we claim this as our own. But in the last light of day as the sky is painted black, the stillness is disquieting. In the distance a solemn voice, gently sings an ambient song; a soothing melody to keep us hopeful and withdrawn. Yet something seems terribly wrong. We've been enraptured by this siren song. From the moments of our infancy we've been humming along. This is the voice of mother culture; her nurturing, incessant plea. An endless call for the preservation of a failing dynasty. (Preservation) the cunning voice of mother culture, (misleading) misleading us from the understanding that we are captors as we are captives, of the very world we've heedlessly enslaved. Incite knowledge by means of progression. Kings and queens of forsaken crowns with a willingness to embrace all that is seen. Piece by piece we'll dismantle our kingdoms and replenish the salt of the earth. And with humility relinquish our throne. Awareness will thrive as the veil is torn away and the bars of the cage become visible. Our fallacies will writhe as the veil is torn away and the bars of the cage become visible. Our desire to escape is now engaged, as the bars of the cage become...
Track Name: There Will Come Soft Rains
What man built up the wind and rain tore down and the fields he cleared the jungle fought to reclaim. Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree if all of mankind perished utterly. There will come soft rains and the smell of the ground. There will come soft rains and swallows circling with shimmering sound. And wild plum trees in tremulous white, immersed in the chorus of singing at night. There will come soft rains and not one will know of the war, not one. And Spring herself when she woke at dawn, would scarcely know that we were gone.
Track Name: On the Precipice
We are the parasitic blight of the world, an overpopulated horde of competitors in competition for the scarcely limited resources of the earth. Standing armies with weapons in hand in pursuit of imperial wealth. Unknowingly we forge our path to cultural collapse. With valor and confidence, we spread our wings and step off the edge. And in the freedom of the air we claim victory despite the warning signs of vital disrepair. We'll defy gravity and remain in flight, and with godlike impunity we cast our shadow unflinchingly upon our desire to thrive. But after centuries of perpetual dissension, the ending is now in sight. Collapsing, as we plummet to our demise. Failing, closing the gap between the dirt and the ash. Crumbling, as we deliver our final prayers. Descending upon a bed of nails in a fiery hell. For the cinders are now blazing red beneath the cauldron of our culture. For ten thousand years this fire has scorched the earth. No gods or prophets to lift this curse. So now here we are at the crux in the wake of such loss. We stand on the precipice of human extinction. We stand on the precipice of... Ten thousand years in dissent, propagated by a thirst for dominance. Break the chains and relent or we shall perish by the rite of the damned.
Track Name: The Great Remembering
We once belonged to the world. Man lived at mercy with the earth for three million years. We once belonged to the world. In that belonging man survived for centuries upon centuries. Beneath the banner of civilization, upon foundations of tangible wealth we've carved out our eyes and are leading the blind astray; from the very means by which we've survived for centuries upon centuries of time. Will there be hope for man in the ashes of all we've destroyed? And so I ask, will there be hope for man? Before the fire of life consumes mankind and we're left to be reclaimed. We once belonged to the world. Time has come to abandon the path of salvation. Cast away all fear of sin and corruption, vice and wickedness. Praise not gods, martyrs, mortals, or idols for the giver of life exists before our very eyes and she's begging for mercy. We are not one, but many. And when the many of us have gathered you'll know the final hour has come. We are the ones, the final hour is at hand. Behold the fall of man supreme. Restore the pillars of prehistory. Verily I say unto you... Again and again and again: we are not humanity. We are not humanity, we were not born to reign supreme. We are not humanity, we are a single culture of misguided beliefs. We are not humanity, we were not born to reign supreme. We hold the Earth in captivity, and as its captors it's our choice to set it free. We are not humanity.